Latina MBA Business Model Blueprint©

Equipping Women of Color to reach their economic goals through education, leadership development, and business ownership

Our mission is to bridge the wealth gap for Latinas and women of color


The story and passion of a woman of color
Our mission is twofold:
  • To equip every #Hispanic, #latina, #womanofcolor (like my beautiful mother at right) with the tools to achieve economic prosperity.

  • To provide tools for companies, nonprofits and communities who are TRULY DEDICATED to seeing these women realize success.
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Our Services

Latina MBA works with individuals and businesses dedicated to bridging the wealth gap for women of color. Through partnerships, lived experience, an MBA, and over 30 years experience, we are providing tools to gain more economic wealth.

Jennie Project

Named after my mother, Jennie Trujillo, the Jennie Project was created to partner with nonprofits to reach more Latina and immigrant women entrepreneurs to provide training to gain more business success.

Diverse Perspectives Focus Groups

Diverse Perspectives developed from the need of healthcare organizations and nonprofits to get actionable, culturally diverse patient or client feedback on anything from services, to consumer engagement, to life-saving medications. We bring diverse voices to the forefront to help solve critical business decisions.

Licensing of entrepreneurship and career advancement curriculum

Licensing of First Generation college student success and career readiness

1:1 Custom Strategic Roadmaps

Diverse Perspectives Focus Groups

Are you a company, nonprofit, or community dedicated to economic prosperity for women of color?

Are you a woman of color who is an entrepreneur, business owner, career professional, or college student ready to commit to claim your economic power and prosperity?

Latina MBA
Business Academy

I have created an online school where you learn business strategies and skills to make your business or idea successful. You can take the first class, Revenue Basics FREE!

Our Milestones

Equipping Women of Color to Bridge the Wealth Gap
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Why we are different?

Latina MBA Business Model Blueprint© was created BY AND FOR Latinas and women of color and combines an MBA and business fundamentals, with Latina perspective and insight. We provide tools to equip us to gain economic wealth. We also work with companies, nonprofits and communities that are committed to our advancement.

Where Latina MBA has Presented Programming

Entrepreneur Stories

Here are a few words from clients.

Lisa Chuma

Founder, Women's Expo Switzerland
Michelle has helped to infuse my current business with some new fresh ideas and strategy that I want to start implementing. Best business decision I made – PRICELESS!

Rita Golstein-Galperin

Founder, Author GROW Abroad
Knock Knock who’s there? CLARITY!!!! and one Ah-mazing Michelle Brown-Droese! Michelle … just helped me make sense of all my ideas and how they fit together in a way that makes sense! Thank you so much!!!!

Shannon Densmore-Townsend

Founder/CEO, Shannon Townsend Coaching
Michelle is bringing the MBA home, using common sense, conversational language, and tons of heart! Connect with her; she’s a powerhouse of information!
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