Latina MBA

Our mission is twofold:

1) To ensure each and every #Hispanic #Latina (like my beautiful mother at the right), #womanofcolor #immigrant has their voices heard in companies that serve them.

2) That these same groups know business basics and strategy to gain more wealth.

What we do

Through focus groups, education, case studies, partnerships, and our work with real life Latinas and women of color, we help you gain more business insight from diverse groups and help them gain valuable business skills and economic wealth. We do this through the three major efforts below:

Jennie Project

Named after my mother, Jennie Trujillo, the Jennie Project was created to partner with nonprofits to reach more Latina and immigrant women entrepreneurs to provide training to gain more business success.

Diverse Perspectives Focus Groups

Diverse Perspectives developed from the need of healthcare organizations and nonprofits to get actionable, culturally diverse patient or client feedback on anything from services, to consumer engagement, to life-saving medications. We bring diverse voices to the forefront to help solve critical business decisions.

Latina MBA Business Academy

I have created an online school where you learn business strategies and skills to make your business or idea successful. You can take the first class, Revenue Basics FREE!

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Countries of Students

Business Modules


Cups Of Coffee

Latin MBA Triangles

Why we are different

The Latina MBA was created by and for Latinas and women of color and combines an MBA with Latina culture and language. We provide culturally appropriate insight for business and organizations that serve these groups as well as business expertise for us to gain wealth and move our businesses forward.

Our Skills

Put simply, the passion to amplify perspectives from Latinas and women of color and inform and move businesses forward is #1. 

  • MBA Business Background – 90%
  • Market Research – 87%
  • Passion for economic Justice for Latinas – 100%

From Our Clients

Here are a few words from clients.

“Michelle has helped to infuse my current business with some new fresh ideas and strategy that I want to start implementing. Best business decision I made – PRICELESS!”

Lisa Chuma

Founder, Women's Expo Switzerland

“Do you know what….It was awesome to get that MBA model stamp on my business! Working with Michelle really helped pull my mindset from hobby to profit opportunities, and I love that I have the foundational blueprint that I can keep coming back to and tweaking as my business evolves. No desire to go back and study, but the MBA knowledge that would benefit me in digestible chunks? Yes please!”


Business Owner

“Michelle has been a great resource for entrepreneurs of Boston neighborhoods! This is due to Michelle’s extensive experience and knowledge of areas affecting small business.”

Max Gruener

Executive Director, East Boston Main Streets