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Who and What is the Latina MBA?

I am Michelle Trujillo Brown-Droese, MBA, Founder and CEO of the Latina MBA and Creator of the Latina MBA Business Model Blueprint©
First Generation Master Level Graduate
First-Generation College Student and Graduate
First-Generation Executive Professional
First-Generation Business Owner
I grew up in a small town in southern Colorado to a single Hispanic/Native American Pueblo mom of seven kids. My mom worked two jobs as a waitress and cook (locally famous for her “rollos de canela” – cinnamon rolls) to keep us housed and fed. As the youngest of seven, I was 17 when my mom passed away. I graduated high school and became a first-generation college student and graduate. I went on to complete my Master in Business Administration in Boston.
This was where I discovered the tools and techniques used by big corporations to maximize success and profits. A recurring frustration overwhelmed me upon graduation – “What if my mother had someone with an MBA background to guide her; someone who helped her take her “rollos de canela” to market; who helped her figure out pricing and strategy, while helping her maximize her own unique talents?”
MBA in hand, I set out on a mission to create something that women of color (like my mom, my sisters, and even myself) could use to advance their economic wealth and power.
Over the course of 12 years, I visited local businesses owned by women of color and began offering free courses online and across the state to offer tools and continue to assess needs. I have discovered that over 90% of these owners:
  • Haphazardly assigned pricing
  • Described their business as barely scraping by
  • Didn’t know the difference between revenue and profit
That’s when I realized what I needed to do!
I analyzed, measured and re-calculated how the costly MBA business tools (and my love of checklists), could be used by smaller businesses or entrepreneurs. I formed the Latina MBA and developed the Latina MBA Business Model Blueprint© to equip you, the BIPOC woman business owner/entrepreneur, to implement key business tools taught in top-tier MBA programs. Through feedback from communities of color (and finally convincing me that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur), I have retooled the Blueprint and made it available for First Gen women of color.
I created the Latina MBA Business Model Blueprint© as THE RESOURCE and TOOL that I wish I had when I became a first-gen college student, a first-gen executive professional, and finally a first-gen business owner.
I have reconstructed and fine-tuned these tools over the past 11 years, with REAL BIPOC women, so that YOU can put them to work for you NOW and become equipped with a solid foundation to maximize your success and let your brilliance shine.

Industry Experience

I have worked with clients across many industries including
Higher Education
Nonprofits and Communities
Healthcare Consulting
Retail – Brick & Mortar and Online
Women's Leadership
Artist / Creatives
Online Teaching / Coach
Training & Development

Clients We Serve

I have worked with clients from many countries across the world including
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