All those so-called business experts are WRONG in pushing you to use this 75 year old tool!

All those so-called business experts are WRONG in pushing you to use this 75 year old tool!

The majority of my clients have been to a series of “business advisors” – many of them free, some paid, and they are often told the SAME…DAMN…THING: “Before you start your business, you need to write a business plan.” PLEASE do NOT let this get in the way from starting your business and becoming an entrepreneur! Time and time again I meet entrepreneurs who are delaying starting their dream business or designing their dream product because they have been told by several “business experts” that they need to have a business plan, a tool that is at least 75 years old.  Most times this lousy advice serves as a barrier to many who have been told it is a requirement before they begin their business.

I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs (or solopreneurs, mompreneurs, whatever you want to call your working for yourself), and maybe 2% of these needed business plans before going forward. They needed these solely because they were seeking investors or bank loans.

The majority of entrepreneurs I see are bootstrapping their way to their dream, and do not need this cumbersome document. In addition, if you write your business plan before you start your business, the assumptions put in there about financial projections, etc. will be based on your guesses.

Sure, it is great to have a plan of some sort to move forward, and maybe you want to start with one of the more cutting edge tools such as the OWNmba Business Success Model Blueprint based on the Business Model Canvas by Strategyzer …. you can get my FREE 10 Minute MBA Checklist here! Whatever you decide to do….JUST START…the world awaits your awesomeness!

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