Business Model of …a cinnamon roll baker

In my first installment of implementing big business tools for small business, we are utilizing the OWNmba Business Model Blueprint for Jennie’s Cinnamon Rolls. Who is Jennie? Jennie was my mom, an Hispanic single mother of seven kids. She worked her whole life as a cook and waitress to make ends meet, and was especially known for her cinnamon rolls. Truck drivers, bus drivers and many others who passed the area via Highway 160 would take detours to be able to have one of Jennie’s cinnamon rolls. What if Jennie had someone (like me) with an MBA who could guide her through her entrepreneurial endeavor and teach her how to look at her gifts and talent through a business lens? Let’s find out. Here is Jennie’s Cinnamon Rolls dissected through the OWNmba Business Model Blueprint. If you know of someone who is a talented baker or cook, feel free to share it with them, and let’s empower more women like my mother toward economic independence and prosperity. Download the OWNmba Business Model Blueprint here:

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