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1:1 Custom Strategic Roadmaps

Graduating high school students across the nation are faced with deciding whether to continue their education or enter the workforce. Many seek higher education in order to improve career opportunities and gain economic prosperity and social mobility (Blackwell & Pinder, 2014). The College Board claims that the average annual income for individuals who have a baccalaureate degree is $53,976.

The unemployment rate among these graduates is 4.7 percent, which is lower than the U.S. unemployment rate of 6.7 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). While these statistics look promising, the opportunity to go to college and obtain a degree is not immediately apparent to all students

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Phases of career development

Life is cyclical, and so is your career. Understanding the phases of career development will help you find your way throughout your career planning. Whether you’re fresh out of college or considering a career change, these phases apply.
What are the 5 phases of career development?
  • Experiment with options
  • Develop skills
  • Pursue opportunities
  • Level up
  • Mastery (and boredom?)

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