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Latina MBA Goal-Based Success Coaching

Goal Based Coaching
Why do you need a Latina MBA© Goal-Based Success Coaching?

Latina MBA© Goal-Based Coaching uses the exclusive Latina MBA© Business Model to guide women through the process of defining their current situation and clarifying their goals. This
12 week program, developed, tested and implemented over the course of 10 years, working with women of color and immigrants, provides many advantages for women of color and our
career or business, depending specifically upon (and customized according to) YOUR GOALS, including:

Clarifying current position and goals: We help you identify and clarify your career goals, whether you’re starting your career, considering a career change, looking to advance your
business, or getting unstuck. This is a foundational step in your journey.

Developing a strategy: Once you know where you are, we can now figure out how to get you to your goals. Together we will create a strategic plan defining milestones, setting realistic targets, and outlining actionable steps to progress in your desired direction.
Accountability and goal setting: The Latina MBA© Goal-Based Coaching helps you set clear goals and holds you accountable for achieving them. We provide a structured framework to keep you on track and ensure progress toward your objectives.
Outside perspective: Sometimes, as business owners or in our own career, we can become too close to our own ventures and struggle to see the bigger picture. We will bring an unbiased, fresh perspective and can identify blind spots, challenges, and potential opportunities that you may have overlooked.

Skill development and personal branding: Latina MBA© Goal-Based Coaching assist women of color in developing and enhancing their professional skills, including communication,
negotiation, career, and navigating cross-cultural contexts. We will also help build a strong personal brand that showcases your unique strengths, experiences, and contributions,
positioning you for success.

Addressing diversity and inclusion issues: We assist women of color in navigating and addressing issues related to diversity and inclusion. We provide guidance on leveraging your unique cultural perspectives as strengths.
Cultivating self-confidence and resilience: Women of color may encounter imposter syndrome, self-doubt, or a lack of representation in their respective fields. With our unique lens, we can help build self-confidence, celebrate achievements, and develop resilience in the face of challenges. We provide encouragement and support to overcome barriers and embrace your unique abilities.
Navigating intersectionality, gender biases, and stereotypes: Women of color often face the intersection of gender and racial biases in the workplace, not to mention age, differing abilities, class, etc. Through our own experiences, as well as 14+ years of extensive study in this field, Latina MBA© Goal-Based Coaching provides guidance on how to navigate these complex dynamics, develop strategies for self-advocacy, and foster resilience while embracing your multifaceted identities.

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