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Get your OWNmba Business Success Model Blueprint Checklist Now!




Hello! My name is Michelle Brown-Droese. I have been working with small to medium businesses (SME’s or SBE’s) for over 20 years! I completed my Master in Business Administration in Boston where I mastered the tools and techniques used by the “big guys” to further their profits (and sometimes even their mission). 

MBA in hand, I set out on a mission:

I analyzed, measured and re-calculated how the costly Ivy League business tools could be used more simply and cheaply for the other 99%.

I visited local businesses to assess needs and discovered 9 out of 10:

  • haphazardly assigned pricing

  • described their business as barely scraping by

  • didn’t know the difference between revenue and profit

That’s when I knew I HAD to DO something!

I created the OnlyWhatsNeeded MBA (OWNmba).

With an OWNmba:

You get the tools taught in top-tier MBA programs.

I have reconstructed and fine-tuned these tools over the past 7 years, with REAL business owners, so that YOU can put them to work for your business NOW and become equipped with a solid foundation to make the most out of your business.

The first of these tools was the OWNmba Business Success Model Blueprint and the 10 Minute MBA Checklist©. It is a step beyond the Business Model Canvas because it is customized for REAL business owners….like YOU!


Michelle thank you so much for working with me! Following your guidelines, I have been able to increase my revenue by 66%!! You have been a great help!


Business Industry: Education

Michelle it was such a privilege to work with you! My business model gave MANY powerful ideas of revenue, and the market analysis was very eye opening! Following your suggestions I was able to clarify some of the ideas for my sales page and generate one more product idea just from your guidance. Thank you for your transformational work!


Business: Debt Management

Michelle is bringing the MBA home, using common sense, conversational language and tons of heart! Connect with her. She’s a powerhouse of information!!


Business: Coaching


When I decided to create my small business as a mobile hairstylist, I didn’t know where to start. To be an immigrant business owner in the United States, it is not always easy to get the information or requirements from the adopted country. Sometimes during the process I felt very discouraged and many times I almost wanted to quit pursuing my goals. Michelle helped me to set up a plan and handle the different business aspects. Michelle always encouraged me to pursue my objectives even though I thought every door was closed. She taught me about ” the positioning”. Knowing my audience allowed me to better understand how to target my clients with the appropriate marketing materials.  Also, as the needs of my business constantly change, it’s wonderful to keep contact with Michelle Brown-Droese to find good, reliable information. I have found exactly what I was looking for! Thank you Michelle!  – Pricille

Lorsque j’ai décidé de créer mon entreprise de coiffeuse à domicile, je ne savais pas par où commencer.  En effet, il n’est pas toujours évident de trouver les informations et pré requis nécessaires à la formation d’une entreprise lorsqu’on est chef d’entreprise étranger dans un pays d’adoption. Parfois, je me suis sentie découragée et plusieurs fois j’ai presque voulu abandonner. Aussi, la formation proposée par Michelle m’a permis d’avoir un plan et d’appréhender les différents aspects du métier. Michelle m’a toujours encouragée à poursuivre mes objectifs, même lorsque je pensais que toutes les portes étaient fermées. Ma partie préférée a été ” le positionnement.” Connaître mon marché m’a permis de mieux comprendre comment cibler mes futurs clients avec les outils marketing appropriés. Comme, les besoins de mon entreprise sont en évolution permanente, garder le contact avec Michelle est formidable et être membre me permet d’avoir une mine d’informations. Ce qui a complètement répondu à mes attentes! Merci Michelle! – Pricille