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Latina MBA Business-Academy
Latina MBA© has been developing and delivering Latina MBA© Business Academy, specifically for women of color, for over 15 years. This online course, taught in 12 modules, offers several benefits to women of color, especially for those who prefer learning in a self-paced format and at times and locations that are convenient to them. For these women we offer the following:
Accessibility: Our online classes provide flexibility, allowing women of color to access education from anywhere, which can be especially helpful for those with limited mobility or remote locations.
Flexibility: Many women of color often juggle multiple responsibilities, such as family obligations and work. The Latina MBA© Business Academy online classes accommodate your schedule, enabling you to balance your commitments more effectively.
Reduced Financial Burden: The Latina MBA© Business Academy costs $799 for lifetime access. This is a much lower fee than the Strategic Roadmap or the Goal-Based Coaching, making this option more affordable and accessible for those who face financial challenges.
Self-Paced Learning: Our online classes allow for self-paced learning, accommodating different learning styles and speeds. Each of the 12 modules is less than 1 hour and will provide a solid foundation for your advancement.
Access to ongoing support and updates: Latina MBA provides ongoing support, updates, and resources through the Latina MBA© Business Academy.

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