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Licensing Leadership Development Curriculum

Career Developement
Latina MBA has been developing and delivering this training specifically for women of color for over 15 years. By licensing this curriculum for use by your company or organization you gain:

Expertise and credibility: Latina MBA possess deep knowledge, expertise, and experience in creating leadership development for women of color. By licensing our curriculum, your
company gains access to high-quality, well-researched, and credible training materials developed and piloted over many years. This ensures that the training content is accurate, up-to-date,
and aligned with industry standards.

Time and cost savings: Developing your own comprehensive and effective training materials from scratch can be time-consuming and costly. Licensing the Latina MBA Leadership Development Curriculum allows your organization to leverage our expertise and save significant time and resources. It eliminates the need to allocate internal resources to
develop training content and ensures a faster and more efficient training implementation process.

Customization and adaptation: The Latina MBA Leadership Development Licensed Curriculum materials provide a solid foundation that you can customize and adapt to suit your
specific needs. You can tailor the training content to reflect your company’s unique organizational context, industry requirements, and desired learning outcomes. This customization allows
for a more targeted and relevant training experience for employees.

Quality assurance: Latina MBA ensures that curriculum materials undergo rigorous review and updates to reflect the latest research, industry practices, and emerging trends. By licensing our curriculum, companies can rely on quality assurance and ensure that the training content meets high standards.
Consistency and standardization: Licensing the Latina MBA curriculum materials promotes consistency and standardization in training delivery. It ensures that all employees receive the same foundational knowledge and skills, regardless of who delivers the training. This consistency helps establish a common language, understanding, and competency level across the organization, facilitating collaboration and effective communication.

Access to ongoing support and updates: Latina MBA provides ongoing support, updates, and resources to their licensees. This support includes access to online communities
and forums with leadership development experts. It allows companies to stay connected to the latest developments, ask questions, and seek clarification, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of
the training program.

Legal compliance and intellectual property rights: Licensing our curriculum ensures that companies are legally compliant and respect intellectual property rights. It provides the necessary permissions and rights to use the licensed materials within the company’s training programs, preventing potential copyright infringements or legal issues.

In summary, if your company employs women of color and are TRULY dedicated to our advancement and retention, licensing the Latina MBA Leadership Development Curriculum gives you and
your company: access to woman of color designed expertise, savings in time and resources, quality and consistency, and compliance with legal requirements. This investment supports the
development of robust and effective training programs for women of color that contribute to employee development, enhance organizational performance, align with industry best
practices, and ultimately increases your competitive advantage and bottom line.

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