Business Lessons from Last Night’s Super Bowl

Business Lessons from Last Night’s Super Bowl

Now that the excitement is (pretty much) over and the dust has settled, last night’s Super Bowl bonanza had a lot of lessons for YOUR business. I’ve selected 3 major lessons, and I am pretty certain we can all relate these to our small or mid-size business.

Super Bowl Lesson #1: No One ALONE Meets Maximum Success: Not one single success in yesterday’s game was attained by an individual working alone. Whether you are looking at the teams, at the commercials, or the half-time show, the numbers of teams in front of and behind the scenes was astounding. This is the same in your business. You are REALLY good at what you do, but you are better with people around you to continue to push you to your best, whether these are coworkers, outside coaches or consultants.

Super Bowl Lesson #2: Your Customer Matters: From the flying drones in the game, to the celebrities and emotions in the commercials, to Gaga jumping from the roof – the focus was on the (potential and existing) customer. They targeted their customers, and millions of us responded! Have you looked at your customers lately? Do you know their needs and pains? Do you have a strategy to meet those needs? This is an important cornerstone of business, and you may have more than one set of customers with different needs. It is important to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer for business success!

Super Bowl Lesson #3: Your Message Matters: You can bet your bottom dollar that each and every ad, message, sign was double and triple checked to ensure it was on point, targeted and grammatically correct! We as small business owners need to look at our message…is it outdated, targeting our customers, spelled correctly?

BONUS Super Bowl Lesson: Taking action is the only thing that counts. NOTHING in last night’s game would have happened without taking action. The same goes for your business. If you are interested in moving your business forward, getting it out of a rut, or just a quick phone chat, contact me at the email below, and I will get back to you and see if I can help.

I have an MBA and over 20 years experience working with small and mid-size business owners with an expertise in business model, marketing and strategy.


Michelle Brown-Droese, MBA

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