Think Business Thursday 9-8-16

Think Business Thursday 9-8-16

Happy Think Business Thursday! Today’s topic comes from a local bakery in my town. This bakery makes excellent pastries, as well as breakfast and lunch dishes and does well. Their service and quality of their food is terrific! On a recent day, we had to take pastries to a local welcome back luncheon for my son’s elementary school. Wanting to buy local (and absolutely nothing to do with my hating cooking), we stopped by this bakery to pick up the donuts and treats for the teachers. I had seen and spoken with the owners several times, so they were familiar with my work and interest in small businesses. They were also thrilled that we were taking some of their creations to the local school because they hadn’t really had many customers from that market. They came out of the back with our treats ready to take to the school —and there was a huge error!! They brought it out in a plain white box, with no way to tell where it came from, no phone number, website, or contact information anywhere. I literally screeched! If you are going to show your creations, whether sweet treats or online graphics, you MUST put some way to contact you, for them to find you again! Whether it’s an online post, image or sweet treat, make sure they can find you again.  To remedy the bakery situation, we quickly pasted some of their business cards outside of the box and included more business cards to take.

Do you ensure EVERYTHING you put out has some type of contact info?

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