Think Business Thursday: Why Aren’t You Using This to Benefit Your Business?

Happy Think Business Thursday!

You already have it – why aren’t you using it?!

As a small business owner, you ALREADY possess an edge over all the large competitors in your industry. You are a SMALL BUSINESS! You are among the99% of all businesses in the USA and among 95% in the world.  You are also probably locally owned and operated, reside in the area you serve, and employ local residents.

Yes, I’m bringing up politics…

You, my friend, possess a unique gift. Your status as a small business owner is one of the very few positions that cross the political divides that exist today. Regardless of political affinity or beliefs, no one can deny the current and future importance of small businesses and their role in our country and world.

Yes, I’m bringing up politics…

This is easier than you might think. COMMUNICATE IT – EVERYWHERE! Put it on your packaging, put it on your menus, sales material, door, stationary, invoices, etc. I’ve created an image for you below that you can steal, print, copy, whatever works. Just let your current and prospective customers know that buying from you IS A BIG DEAL!

The business takeaway here is that we know how important our services and products are, and we strive each day to deliver quality. However, sometimes it benefits us not to go it alone, and become part of a bigger movement that helps our businesses prosper. Right here and right now that bigger movement is the love and respect for small businesses and the knowledge that it is US that keeps this economy going. Sometimes our customers just need a little reminder.
Hit reply, and tell me some of your small business concerns and maybe we can address them in an upcoming Think Business Thursday. I help small businesses grow and prosper. Check out this link and let my small business help yours.

Cheers to you and your business!


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